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Valorant Smurf Ban Surge:RIOT releases new Terms of Service

Valorant Smurf Ban Surge:Following the increase in smurfing issues and numerous complaints from Valorant players, RIOT addressed the issue and promised to look into the matter. Shortly after, there was a new statement of terms and services with a strict disclaimer.

Smurfs are a real problem in the game, especially for low-ranked players or beginners who often struggle to deal with more skilled players or enemies. The article talks about the recent Valorant Smurfs banning wave that could happen soon according to RIOT's official plan.

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Valiant Smurfs Ban Surge

Smurfing is the case where a more skilled or higher level player creates a new account and is placed in a queue with lower ranked players, often leading to unfair gameplay and disruption due to disparity skills. Riot Games recently launched a ban wave in VALORANT to help prevent smurfs from impacting the game's competitive queue.

In its official Blog, RIOT mentioned "We may terminate or suspend your account without notice if we reasonably determine that you have violated any part of these Terms (including the Rules of Use)".

Regarding the smurfs, there are rules that mention "You may not share your account or login credentials with anyone. You must keep your login credentials secret. and "Playing on another person's account or otherwise engaging in any activity intended to 'upgrade' an account's status or ranking. ".

While much of the problem stemmed from the ranking system and matchmaking itself being unsatisfactory for those in the highest ranked tiers, there were also instances where the reason a player created a smurf account was less than neighbor. Despite the wave of smurf bans in Valorant, the game's smurfing problem may never be fixed as players manage to thwart the MMR (Matchmaking Rating) system very consistently.

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