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Chrono vs Leon:who is the best Free Fire character for November 2021?

Free Fire has the most unique character roster in the mobile Battle Royale genre. There are many popular characters introduced in conjunction with popular celebrities. Here in this article, we will be looking at Chrono vs Leon to check who is the best Free Fire character for November 2021.

Chrono is one of the most popular characters on the roster. It was presented in collaboration with the famous football athlete Christiano Ronaldo. The developers recently added two more characters to the game with the OB30 patch update "Leon" and "Otho". Let's take a look at Chrono vs Leon to check who is the best Free Fire character for November 2021.

Chrono (Return of Time)

Chrono is inspired by the famous footballer Christiano Ronaldo . The character has an ability called 'Time Turner ' which creates a force field that blocks 600 damage from enemies. Allies and players can take cover inside the area and even shoot from inside.

However, this skill has been nerfed twice since its arrival in the character roster. One of them is recently in the OB30 patch update increasing the cooldown by 10 seconds and decreasing the skill use time by 0.5 seconds.

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Leon (Buzzer Beater)

Leon is introduced with the recently introduced OB30 update. His in-game description indicates that he is a rising star in the basketball scene. His special ability in the game is called the ‘Drummer Buzzer ‘.

This ability allows him to recover 5HP (at level 1) after surviving the fight each time. When the skill is maxed, his ability recovers 25 HP at level 6. The character is not yet available for players to select and use on the battlefield. It should be available somewhere near the Booyah Day event.

Chrono vs Leon:who is better in free fire?

When we compare Chrono vs Leon abilities, we can clearly notice that one of them has an active skill while the other has a passive skill.

Chrono is the best character in Free Fire with a unique ability to provide a shield and increased movement speed. Whereas, Leon is a new character in the roster with the passive skill to recover some HP after surviving each battle.

Once we compare the versatility of these skills on the battlefield, it becomes more evident that Chrono's ability is superior to Leon's despite recent nerfs to his ability. This makes Chrono a winner in Chrono vs Leon:Who's the Best Free Fire Character for November 2021.

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