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REJECT crowned PMJL champion 2021 Season 1 Phase 1 | PUBG-Mobile

The first phase of PUBG Mobile The first season of the Japanese League (PMJL) ran from February 13 to May 1. Sixteen teams from across the country competed to become the champions of the new franchise league. REJECT was crowned PMJL 2021 Season 1 Phase 1 Champion after PUBG Mobile Japan (PMJL) 2021 Season 1 Phase 1 ended yesterday.

Sixteen teams had played 50 games over 12 days between February 13 and May 1 to determine a champion. The PMJL has a huge prize pool of 300 million yen (about $2.8 million) for two rounds of competition this year.

It is one of the greatest PUBG Mobile leagues around the world. The competition takes place offline from Tokyo, Japan, with each team setting up a training camp in the city. The league is organized by X-MOMENT, an esports company newly created by Japanese mobile operator NTT DoCoMo. It is sponsored by the Galaxy Note 20 5G.

Let's take a look at the champions of PUBG Mobile Japan League and their prices.

PMJL Champion 2021 Season 1 Phase 1:

With the battle having been immense day after day, we finally have Team Reject as the PMJL 2021 Season 1 Phase 1 Champion.

After a total of 50 matches played, a thrilling battle between the top 16 teams in the country that took place over a period of 12 days, REJECT was crowned the champion of the event, being consistent throughout the event, with a total of 658 points. , averaging 13.6 points per game. Players Sara, Duelo, Lapis, and Devine also won the Player of the Day award on Days 1, 6, 8, and 10 respectively. . The team took home the winner's prize of 14,830,000, or approximately $135,621. REJECT has also managed to become the Japanese representative for the upcoming PUBG Mobile Global Event.

Giving up a tough competition, after them in second place was SCARZ, who played exceptionally well and scored a total of 489 points, averaging a decent 9.78 points per game. The team peaked on the fifth day of the competition, where they scored 59 points in 4 games. SCARZ were at their zenith on the fifth day of the competition, where they pocketed 59 points in 4 matches. SCARZ's Mattun was the team's MVP, earning the Player of the Day award on Day 4. They received the runner-up prize of 8,370,000, or roughly $76,544.

Sengoku Gaming took third place in the tournament and took home the prize of 5,230,000, or approximately $47,829. Lag Gaming, who came to life in the final stages of the event to finish fourth, and Team UNITE, who also played well to finish fifth.

The overall standings for PMJL 2021 Season 1 Phase 1 are as follows:

With the tournament now over, teams may want to put that performance aside and focus on the second phase of the PMJL. Although all matches were streamed on the official PUBG Mobile Japan League YouTube channel, here is a quick overview:

This was all about the PMJL 2021 Season 1 Phase 1 Champion, REJECT. The winners, who also played in the recently concluded Prince Edward Island, are looking forward to focusing on the global event.

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