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PUBG Mobile:LGD Gaming has won the PEL 2021 Season 2 week 3

PEL 2021 Season 2 Week 3 finished. The is the elite tournament of the professional league of Game for Peace which is a Chinese new image of PUBG Mobile. During these 5 weeks, the top 20 teams from China will compete for a huge prize pool of 15,000,000 CNY (approximately 2,315,208 USD).

LGD Gaming has won the PEL 2021 Season 2 Week 3

In week 3 of this massive event, LGD games came out on top. They received a weekly prize of 1,000,000 yuan with approximately $155,000.

This week, LGD games scored the most numbers in the tournament. They got a total of 61 wins and 131 points to their name. “The Chosen” came out a bit short and had 39 kills and 108 scoreboard points. RNG managed to secure the third position with 53 kills and 100 points, while Team SMG also came in fourth with 100 points. Nova XQF is in fifth place with 97 points.

Top Fraggers of PEL 2021 Season 2 Week 3

SMG FlowerC was crowned MVP of PEL 2021 Season 2 Week 3, he managed to get 23 wins with an average survival time of 19:43 minutes. Former LGD MVP Suki took second-best fragger with 21 kills and fan-favorite Paraboy and 77H with 20 kills apiece.

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General ranking of the PEL 2021 Season 2 week 3

Here are the scores of the rest of the teams

PositionTeamPoints6STE917JDE878Si RSG839CET81ten ST8011GBM7112and Tianba58134am4314TJB4015TMG29

The matches will be broadcast live exclusively on Chinese streaming platforms. You can watch them on Official PEL website , Huya , Douyu

PEL 2021 Season 2:Team Weibo is the champion of week 2.