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New spotter in COD Mobile Season 3:Everything you need to know

The Latest Call of Duty:Mobile – April 16 Community Update is out now. Lots of new features and items have been added to the game. Two new maps – Oasis and Coastal make their way in the latest Season 3. New Observer in COD Mobile Season 3 is another interesting thing to watch. This new feature comes with some major features that will help you succeed in your favorite battle royale game.

New Spotter in COD Mobile Season 3:Features and Benefits

Another most underrated element of Season 3 is Battle Royale Class – Spotter . It offers both offensive and defensive abilities in the game. Now you can launch group strikes at your enemies from a distance. The passive trait will help you locate nearby enemies and also make the reloading process easier.

The Spotter is not yet available in COD Mobile. However, according to reports from Community Update, the new item will be accessible via an in-game featured event. More details about this are yet to be disclosed by the developers.

Along with all these new items, an update to the credit store will also be released in the future. In case you missed the Operator Skill – Gravity Vortex Gun , you can now collect it in certain credits and send your enemies into the void. A full list of items released in the first Season 3 Credit Store update is:

  • Special Ops 5 – Liquid Mercury (6K credits)
  • Business Card – Enemy Spotted (10k credits)
  • Moto – Liquid Mercury (2.4K credits)
  • SMRS – Liquid Mercury (3k credits)
  • Operator Skill – Gravity Vortex Gun (2k credits)

Apart from that, a Bull Charge – Operator skill is also part of the COD Mobile Season 3 Community Update. It is the first to be released this season only because the skill is already part of the free side of the Tier Battle Pass 14. As for the characteristics of the skill, it works as a defensive protection layer to chase away the enemies that are rushing at you. However, the only downside to it is that both sides of the shield are exposed.

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