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How to Get the New Fortnite Henchman Pack in Season 7

Epic Games released the new Fortnite Henchman Bundle and the new Challenge Pack last year in the game. The Fortnite Henchman Bundle has arrived in the store, an online store that offers new items in Fortnite Battle from time to time. Royale, and where you can find cosmetic items that you can use in-game. The items offered in the shop are decorative and do not provide any additional benefits when playing games. The article details all about the Fortnite Henchman Pack which can be found in the Fortnite Item Shop today.

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Fortnite Henchman Pack

Henchmen are AI guarding certain locations including the Shark, The Cave, The Rig, The Yacht, The Agency, The Tortilla, The Authority, Catty Corner, Doom's Domain, Stark Industries, Quinjet Patrol Sites, The Ruins, Corny Complex and Holly Hatchery. Earlier, with the release of Fortnite v17.20 update, data miners found several leaked skins, bundles, and various other cosmetic items in the game.

Henchmen usually have 100 HP and 50-150 shields. When you knock one down, you'll be able to initiate a Mischief, which scans and locates nearby henchmen with an arrow marker, security devices with an eye marker, chests with a chest marker, and bumps with a crown marker. Bosses act like henchmen, but they have a location-specific mythic weapon and noticeably more shields/health.

Henchmen and Bosses can revive other Henchmen and Bosses that have been knocked down, it will take 10 seconds, just like a player reviving another player (Revived Henchmen have 30 HP and no shields) . If you are spotted by goons, they will start chasing and shooting you! They are armed and protected, so make sure you have weapons when facing them.

The Henchmen Duo was a duo of two opposing henchmen – GHOST and SHADOW – who later became best friends.
After the events of Chapter 2:Season 3, a GHOST and a SHADOW Henchman remained on the scene. 'Isle. Being disguised allows you to open scan doors and henchman chests, but you can also carry a hit henchman to one of them and scan them to open it as well.

The henchmen on the island look alike with only a few differences depending on the faction. You can easily identify them through their outfits. They (minions) will attack your site, so be sure to grab a weapon quickly so you can defend yourself.

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