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Fortnite Kor Location Guide in Season 8:5 NPC Challenges

Fortnite Kor Location Guide in Season 8:Talk to Kor Sniper Elite Questline Challenge is one of the Fortnite Character Punchcard quests that are a staple for most seasons. The new season will also allow them to earn a huge amount of XP. Interacting with these new NPCs will reward players with special weapons or quests they can complete. The article talks about Fortnite's fifth NPC, Kor, and the locations on the map for players to find.

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Fortnite Kor location

Talk to Kor challenges allow players to earn additional experience points while participating in online matches. Players will receive daily punch cards, weekly punch cards, and character punch cards to complete. This is a series of time-limited challenges, so players should embark on these quests as soon as they are in the game. One of them is to talk to Kor, a new NPC to find on Fortnite Island.

Players must find and interact with Kor on the Fortnite map before they can complete the challenges. It is usually located east of Misty Meadows , in the southeast corner of the area, standing outside on a paved area next to a picnic table and piles of brick rubble in front of a dilapidated wooden wall. Once players approach Kor, they will be able to see the NPC's speech bubble icon appear.

This bubble will show where it is even if players are farther away, allowing them to find it quickly. Some of them are multi-story challenges, and players will be rewarded for completing each of their respective tasks. Players can be rewarded for completing quest steps with a considerable amount of XP.

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