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Fortnite First Shadows Set Crew Pack in Season 8

The Fortnite First Shadows set is the reward for players with the Fortnite Crew Pack subscription from September to November. Fortnite Crew Packs have been trending in the Fortnite community since last season, and the developers recently announced they are coming in the current season as well. The article talks about the Fortnite First Shadows set included in the Crew Pack for the months of September to November.

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Fortnite first shadows

Fortnite Crew Pack has been a hyped skin among the Fortnite community since last season, and the developers recently announced their arrival in the current season as well. In addition to November, subscribed players who have assembled the first three shadows will receive a bonus style for each. The September Crew Pack contains The Burning Wolf, Midas' first enforcer. The October Crew Pack contains Chaos Origins, the first redeemed from Midas, and the November Crew Pack has Sierra, the first pardoned from Midas.

The Burning Wolf is accustomed to striking with the sword. It comes with the Burning Fangs Back Bling and the Burning Fangs Dual-Wield Pickaxe. September's crew has the Burning Wolf, which is a mix of sleek ninja style and knightly armor made to look like a snarling wolf bathed in pink flame. To Claim the May Fortnite Crew Pack, players may need to log in from your original purchase platform if it has been more than 30 days since you last logged in from that platform -form.

Players with the will receive 3 additional styles for the set in November. Fortnite First Shadows might be the latest addition to the game to improve and expand the storyline. These three characters may have been united by Midas and are comprised of Burning Wolf, Chaos Origins, and Sierra, with each skin arriving consecutively.

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