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Fortnite Prop-ifier:How to find a new weapon in Season 7

Fortnite Season 7 weapons are deeply integrated with aliens into their gameplay. Fortnite Prop-ifier is the latest addition to the game and acts as a common jet and crafting resource. Currently, Fortnite is in its exciting Chapter 2 Season 7 with many new inclusions like UFOs, Alien Abductions, and Alien Weapons in the game.

This weapon was leaked by data miners a week ago and has a futuristic theme like brand new weapons on par with the Invasion theme. The article talks about the Fortnite Prop-ifier, the latest addition to the game in Season 7 as a new alien weapon.

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Fortnite Prop-ifier

Fortnite season 7 weapons are essentially anti-climactic to season 6 primary weapons, given that the former has a more futuristic feel, alongside the alien theme. Many in this section include collecting raw materials to upgrade your in-game weapon. In many cases, players can also combine a weapon and materials to create an entirely new weapon.

It gives you the power to transform into a variety of accessories to disguise yourself from alien invaders. You can use a Prop-ifier to disguise yourself right on the spot as any familiar island prop and trick your enemies into thinking you're not actually there. According to Epic, The Prop-ifier is a miscellaneous item in Fortnite:Battle Royale. It was added in Chapter 2:Season 7.

The Prop-ifier can can be found in chests, but you'll have a better chance of finding one by landing on the kidnappers or getting it as a reward inside the mothership after playing the orb-collecting mini-game. The easiest way to acquire it is through luck by searching common chests. Like most other items in Fortnite, the new gun can drop out of any old chest on the island.

They can be found randomly in chests, on captors, and in the mothership. When using a prop generated by the Prop-ifier, your disguise will occasionally "slip off", which could also give you a way to access other players if you're not careful.

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