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Gambit wins the VCT Masters 3 Berlin:stage 3 of the Valorant Champions Tour ends in style

Coming to VCT Masters 3 Berlin, everyone considered groups B and C to be the weakest groups, but in the end, the best of these two groups went through to quarter-finals and semi-finals, and we have pits Gambit and Envy against each other in the Grand Finals. in the end, Gambit wins the VCT Masters 3 Berlin.

Gambit wins the VCT Masters 3 Berlin

After 9 days of high level confrontations with Valorant, we have our two finalists. EMEA vs NA, the final everyone wanted. Gambit vs Envy, two extremely talented teams met in the Grand Finals and Gambit the title of "Best team in the world".

Gambit won clear in their first match of the tournament with a score of 2-0. They hit a speed breaker in the form of 100T and lost BO3 at 1-2. Then they took the second seed in their group and after defeating Vision Striker in the quarter-finals and G2 in the semi-finals, they booked their tickets to the VCT Masters 3 Berlin Grand Final.

Gambit vs G2 Esports in the semi-finals

Card 1 (Breeze): In the first half of the map, Gambit took a slight lead over G2 with a 7-5 half. Gambit managed to close the map with a score of 13-10.

Map 2 (Coolhouse): This card was one of a kind. G2 had no responses to flanking anti-flanking nAts. Gambit won the clear card, the 1st time a team has managed to win a clear card on an international stage. Gambit humiliated G2 with a score of 13-0.

Map 3 (Ascension): Gambit won the first two maps so the third map was not played.

Gambit against Envy in the Grand Final

Map 1 (link): Everyone was expecting a close game heading into the series, but no one was expecting this close competition in the very first map. Envy looked very strong from the start, but the gambit came back very strong, the card went into overtime. Those teams also leveled the first overtime. In the second overtime, Gambit got the better of Envy and won the map 15-13.

Map 2 (Refuge): After an extremely close card, we were ready for another close. On this map, Envy caught 8 rounds in the first round but in the second half, Gambit took all the advantage from Envy. Gambit won the map with a score of 13-11.

Map 3 (Split): This map started off about even as both teams won 6 rounds each. In the second round, Gambit was hungry for victory, Envy fought very hard but Gambit closed the card and the series with a score of 13-9.

Map 4 (Ascension): Gambit won the first three maps so this map was not played.

Map 5 (Coolhouse): Gambit won the first three maps so this map was not played.

In best of 5 series, Gambit totally swept Envy and won the W with an aggregate score of 3-0 on the map. On paper, this looks like an easy win for Gambit, but it wasn't easy at all. All three maps were extremely close and Gambit took the win, but they had to pull out all the stops to win every map.

After 10 days of S-teir Valorant competition, Gambit wins the VCT Masters 3 Berlin and they are now officially the new best Valorant team in the world.

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