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Best MW MP5 Loadout for CoD:Warzone Season 5

The Modern Warfare MP5 SMG has long been a popular choice in Call of Duty:Warzone, So here are the attachments and perks to create the best Warzone MW MP5 loadout to maximize its destructive potential in Season 5.

SummaryBest Warzone MW MP5 Loadout for Solos and DuosBest Warzone MW MP5 Loadout AttachmentsBest Warzone MW MP5 Loadout for Trios and QuadsBest Warzone MW MP5 Loadout AttachmentsBest perks to use with Modern Warfare MP5 in WarzoneNewest MW MP5 buffs and nerfsHow to Unlock Modern Warfare's MP5Best alternatives to MW MP5

Various secondary weapons have topped the many metas used by players in the life of Call of Duty:Warzone, with one of the most consistent being the Modern Warfare MP5.

The SMG was nerfed in an August 16 update that saw its damage dealt reduced and thus increased its kill time. But, it's been discovered that a secret buff to the 30mm 30-Round Autoloaders makes it one of the most powerful SMGs in the game, so there's every reason to use the MP5 in Season 5. .

Here are the attachments and perks to create the best Warzone MW MP5 loadout for Season 5 and dominate all your enemies in every game mode.

  • Best Warzone MW MP5 Loadout for Solos and Duos
  • Best Warzone MW MP5 Loadout for Trios and Quads
  • Best advantages to use with MW MP5
  • Latest MW MP5 improvements and nerfs
  • How to unlock MW MP5 in Warzone
  • Best alternatives to MW MP5

Best Warzone MW MP5 loadout for solos-and-duets

Best Warzone MW MP5 loading accessories

  • Barrel: Monolithic Integral Suppressor
  • Store: Foldable FTAC
  • Sub-barrel: Front operator handle
  • Ammunition: 30mm 30-round autoloaders
  • Advantage: Sleight of hand

Thanks to Warzone analytics YouTuber TrueGameData, we know the MP5 received a secret buff in Season 5. The 30-round 30mm autoloaders have been improved and now give the MW MP5 the lowest chest shot TTK of all SMGs.

This MP5 is built around that, so we start with the 30mm 30 Round Autoloaders . Unfortunately, magazines reduce the mobility of the MP5, so we add the Foldable FTAC stock and Operator front handle . The buttstock dramatically increases your speed and the foregrip helps with recoil control without a major impact on mobility.

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Then the Monolithic Integral Suppressor increases weapon range while keeping you out of the minimap. And finally, the Sleight of Hand The advantage compensates for the small size of the magazine, allowing you to reload almost instantly.

While this is better suited to Solos and Duos modes, its low TTK could also make it extremely effective when taking on squads of three and four. Read on for the best MP5 loadout to tackle trios and quads.

Best Warzone MW MP5 loadout for trios and quads

Best Warzone MW MP5 loading accessories

  • Barrel: Monolithic Integral Suppressor
  • Laser: 5mW Laser
  • Sub-barrel: Merc Foregrip
  • Ammunition: 45 round cartridges
  • Store: Foldable FTAC

This Warzone MP5 loadout uses all 45 Round Mags, as you'll struggle to take on multiple targets with just 30 rounds. Although slightly less powerful, you won't be caught off guard without bullets in your weapon.

The Monolithic Integral Suppressor is the best choice for the Modern Warfare MP5 because it has all the features of the standard monolithic suppressor, but uses both muzzle and barrel slots. You will stay off the radar while firing and will also receive additional bullet speed.

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Since the MP5 is a handheld weapon, you want it to be as mobile as possible. To increase its speed, you must add the Laser 5mW and foldable FTAC stock, increasing your ADS speed and making you fast and unpredictable in close combat.

The Merc Foregrip is a great choice for the best Warzone MW MP5 loadout for extra recoil control and even more hip fire accuracy. And finally, to make sure you can take down and finish off multiple targets in one fight, the 45 Rounds will be a necessary complement.

Best Perks-to-use with Modern Warfare MP5 in Warzone

  • Advantage 1: NEM
  • Advantage 2: Overkill then Ghost
  • Advantage 3: Combat Scout

When choosing which perks to run with the best Warzone MW MP5 loadout, you want the ones that will come in handy in close range engagements.

In close combat, enemies will often launch a bombardment of explosives to gain the upper hand. With NEM equipped, you'll be able to tank a plethora of grenades and Semtex, keeping you in the fight.

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Since MP5 is most effective as a secondary, you'll want to take Overpowered of your first Loadout Drop. This will allow you to pick up two primary weapons, like an HDR, and then you can get Ghost of your next loadout to be hidden from UAVs and heartbeat sensors.

New in Season 5 Combat Scout is an extremely effective choice for the third slot. Players were quick to call it 'OP', as it automatically flags enemies and briefly highlights them through walls.

most-recent MW MP5 buffs and nerfs

The standard MP5 was significantly nerfed in Warzone's August 16 update.

  • Charlie Submachine Gun (MW)
    • Maximum damage reduced from 34 to 31
    • Maximum damage range reduced by 5.4%
    • Upper torso damage multiplier increased from 1 to 1.1

This change is intended to put some of the Submachine Gun Charlie's (MW) power behind a mechanical requirement, making it a bit less forgiving.

Along with this, TrueGameData discovered that 30mm Mags received a stealth buff, now being much more powerful than stock ammo.

How to unlock Modern Warfare MP5

Acquiring the Modern Warfare Warzone MP5 is not too difficult and its requirements are quite simple.

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All you have to do is reach Level 12, and it will be unlocked for you to use to create the best Warzone MW MP5 loadout.

Best alternatives to MW MP5

Need something to go with the MP5 or fancy something else altogether? We recommend the Bullfrog, MAC-10, Cold War MP5 or CX-9 instead.

Try the best Warzone MW MP5 Season 5 and you will be using one of the most reliable and powerful weapons in the game throughout its history.

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Image credits:Activision / Raven Software