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Top 7 Most Subscribed Free Fire YouTubers in India in September 2021

Content creators play a huge role in a game's popularity and Free Fire is no exception. Here we will be looking at the 7 most subscribed Free Fire YouTubers in India in September 2021.

SummaryTop 7 Most Subscribed Free Fire YouTubers in India7. Helping Players6. Double-sided players5. Desi Gamers4. Gyan Gaming3. Lokesh2 player. Game A_S1. Total clearance

Free Fire is one of the popular Battle Royale games released in 2017 by Garena. The game has reached new heights with each passing day and it has achieved high standards in terms of popularity and revenue. Content creators will help make any game popular and several content creators have helped make Free Fire popular. Some have reached new heights by choosing content on this game and they have made it their career. Here we will talk about the most subscribed Free Fire YouTubers and their channels.

Top 7 most-subscribed free fire youtubers in india

7. Help players

At #7 we have Helping Gamer. Gamer's real name is Sarfaraj Ahmad. Sarfaraj joined YouTube in April 2018 and his first video on his YouTube channel dates back to April 15, 2019. Since then, the creators have uploaded 748 videos so far (dated September 8, 2021). He also owns a secondary YT channel named "Helping Gamer Live" and broadcasts live on this channel. The secondary channel has about 4.6 million subscribers. Click here to visit its main channel.

6. Double-sided players

Bilateral players take sixth place on this list. TSG Ritik and TSG Jash are the owners of this popular youtube channel. The duo post vlogs, fun challenges outside of gaming videos related to mostly Free Fire, GTA V, Minecraft, Fall guys. They both started their YouTube journey on this channel in September 2018. Their first video dates back to October 2018. To date, the duo have uploaded over 1360 videos and the channel has over 8.56 million subscribers. on Youtube. Click here to visit the channel.

5. Desi Gamers

Amit Sharma otherwise known as Amitbhai is the owner of Desi Gamers YouTube channel. Amit Bhai plays Free Fire along with other games like Fall Guys, Among us and more. He shares the highlights of the game and the challenges he faced in the Free Fire game with other streamers. However, he frequently interacts with his audience through his regular live streams. Currently, his channel has over 11.3 million subscribers with over 1000 videos uploaded so far. Click here to visit his channel.

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4. Gyan Gaming

Sujan Mistri aka Gyan Sujan is one of the leading Free Fire YouTube content creators in India. Sujan is also known to be the real king of elite badges in Free Fire, as he had purchased elite badges with thousands of diamonds in January this year. His channel which is called “Gyan Gaming” was recently hacked and luckily he got it back. Currently, the channel has more than 11.5 million subscribers. Over 2,090 videos have been uploaded to his channel so far, which have racked up over 1.58 billion views globally. Click here to visit his channel.

3. Lokesh Player

The Lokesh player has carved out a place for himself on YouTube with his Free Fire content. He is also called the richest noob in Free Fire as his fans call him that way. The creator spends his money on every cosmetic event added to the game and he rarely misses any. Free Fire's first video posted on Lokesh Gamer's YouTube channel dates back to April 2019. He posts funny videos related to Free Fire and his life and also regularly broadcasts Free Fire live streams besides making many openings in-game crates. The channel currently has a massive subscriber count of 12.5 million, while its videos have garnered 1.12 billion views globally. Click here to visit his channel.

2. A_S Game

Sahi Rana is one of the most popular content creators on YouTube and he owns the YT channel named A_S Gaming. He regularly posts content on Free Fire which contains events, game highlights, challenges, tips and tricks. The creator is approaching the 14 million subscriber mark since the channel currently has 13.9 million subscribers. His videos have garnered over 1.6 billion views globally. Click here to visit his channel.

1. Total game

Who doesn't know Total Gaming? Well, you hadn't seen his face, but you will come across this name every time you talk about Free Fire on YouTube or Indian Gaming Community. This guy is a pioneer in creating Free Fire content on YouTube and he has the most subscribed YT channel in the world. It is close to 28 million subscribers since the channel currently has more than 27.9 million subscribers. The Total Gaming YT channel is owned by Ajjubhai, and he is the first Indian gamer to cross 25 million subscribers on YT. Click here to visit his channel.

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