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Best M19 loadout for CoD:Warzone Season 5

The M19 is a decent secondary pick in Warzone Season 5, so we thought it would be a great idea to show off a loadout you can use to get the most out of it.

SummaryBest Warzone M19 loadoutBest Warzone M19 loadout attachmentsBest perks to run with Warzone m19 classThe newest M19 buffs and nerfsHow to unlock the M19Best alternatives

There are some great secondary weapons in Warzone Season 5, from Renetti Pistols to Kali Sticks.

However, the M19 has proven to be one of the fastest short-range TTK weapons currently in Warzone Season 5, according to JGOD, giving it newfound popularity.

Here's how to craft the best Warzone M19 loadout to take out every enemy you encounter on Verdansk and Rebirth Island.

Best Warzone M19 loadout

Best Warzone M19 loading-accessories

  • Barrel: XRK L Super
  • Laser: 5mW Laser
  • Trigger Action: Light Trigger
  • Ammunition: 32 round magazines
  • Advantage: Akimbo

The best gear in Warzone M19 is designed to be a close-range beast so you'll have close combat in your Ghost class, surpassing even some of the most powerful SMGs in the game.

The loadout focuses less on increasing the fire rate, damage, and range of the M19 with the Akimbo perk. The strength of XRK L Super the barrel helps accomplish this, then Laser 5mW improves pistol hip fire accuracy.

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The Light Trigger contributes to the improvement of the weapon's rate of fire and the extension of 32 round magazines are perfect for allowing the player to get away a few more shots.

Obviously, the Akimbo perk is a requirement to be able to wield two of the M19 pistols for faster TTK and close range ultimate damage.

Best perks to run with Warzone m19-class

  • Advantage 1: NEM
  • Advantage 2: Ghost
  • Advantage 3: Ampe

You'll spend a lot of time dealing with enemies while using Warzone M19's best loadout, which means you're within easy reach of getting knocked out by explosives. Operation NEM will greatly reduce explosive damage, which means you can execute an explosive bombardment to secure the kill.

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The M19 pistol is a secondary weapon, so you don't need Overkill to combine it with a primary weapon. Ghos t will hide you from the minimap and heartbeat sensors, which is invaluable in Warzone.

Since you will only be using this handgun in close combat, you will need to use a medium to long range weapon. Ampe will allow you to quickly change your weapons, getting the right gun for any situation.

The most-recent M19 buffs and nerfs

The M19 is still one of the best guns players can use in Call of Duty battle royale. However, it received some nerfs in the August 16 update.

These nerfs were only intended for players equipped with Akimbo, so the changes did not affect it when used as a single gun. You can find all the latest changes for the M19 below:

  • Maximum damage reduced from 33 to 29
  • Average damage reduced from 28 to 25
  • Minimum damage reduced from 23 to 20

How to unlock the M19

To unlock the M19 pistol in Modern Warfare and Warzone, you must reach level 37 in Modern Warfare.

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This is best completed in Modern Warfare multiplayer's Hardcore mode, but can also be easily completed in Plunder.

Best Alternatives

The best gear in Warzone M19 excels at close combat, but if you're looking for something similar, the AS VAL also melts players at close range.

Also, if you are looking for other guns, the akimbo Diamattis will provide similar firepower.

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Warzone M19's best gear will continue to be a great choice for Ghost classes in Season 5, so this gun is well worth the ranking.

If you're looking for more awesome weapons, you can check out some of the best loadouts from this season below.

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Image credits:Activision / Raven Software