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How to complete all bargain week quests in Fortnite

As we approach the final days of the season, Fortnite is once again bringing back bargain week. The week became quite frequent at the end of the season, with substantial discounts on all things gold bars as a ploy to encourage players to use their in-game currency before it resets. This week, however, things are a little different, as Fortnite introduces Bargain Bin Week tasks for the first time.

The first season of Epic Games' free-to-play battle royale game, Fortnite:Battle Royale, is coming to an end. The final weeks of the season all had distinct themes focusing on various types of items, such as Spider-Web Man's bows or shooters. The avian ambush week was the most recent, and it made the hens on the island much more aggressive.

How to Complete Every Fortnite Bargain Week Quest

Fortnite Bargain Week Quests are all about spending Gold Bars. All things, weapons, and services available on the island have been cut almost in half, making everything much cheaper. While Fortnite's gold bar handout at the end of the season is nothing new, its bargain week quests are. The Bargain Bin Week challenges are as follows:

  • Spending Bars (500)
  • Spending Bars (1,000)
  • Spending Bars (1,500)
  • Spending Bars (2,000)
  • Spending Bars (3,000)
  • Buy an item from a character (1)
  • Buy items from a vending machine (3)
  • Upgrade weapons at an upgrade bench (2)
  • Buy an exotic weapon from a character (1)

If players have enough bars, the first five quests are pretty straightforward. Players can spend their bars wherever they want, and all purchases will be added together. The other four can theoretically all be completed at the same time at Camp Cuddle. The POI is home to a Weapon-o-Matic, as well as a nearby Repair Machine and Upgrade Bench, as well as one of Fortnite's NPCs, Cuddle Team Leader.

The Marksman Six Shooter exotic weapon is sold by the NPC, allowing players to complete the majority of objectives in one location. Alternatively, players can try The Joneses POI, which meets the same requirements.

With just a few days left in Fortnite Season 1, many fans are hoping that Spider-Web Man's Shooters will become a permanent fixture. Fans praised the transport item for not only being incredibly successful at boosting mobility, but also for being a lot of fun to use.

Players have noted that the web swing physics in Fortnite are far superior to Marvel's more Spider-Man-centric Avengers, and they're also much easier to use. While the odds of the popular item remaining are low, players are keeping their fingers crossed.

The first season of Chapter 3 for Fortnite will expire on March 19, so players should take advantage of the substantial discounts while they can. It's also a good idea to complete any outstanding missions, especially those in the Level Up Quest Pack.