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Fortnite wind turbine locations:where to find them in chapter 3 season 1 to complete the challenge?

Fortnite Wind Turbine Locations:Fortnite regularly tasks its players with completing certain tasks and assigns them to quests. Players will need to find wind turbines in order to complete one of these tasks which mostly pertain to the recent event of this week's challenges in the game.

Players will need to survive on top of the wind turbine for around 30 seconds. The article talks about the details of a Fortnite Wind Turbine Locations Guide in Chapter 3 Season 1 for the challenge to make it easier for players.

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Fortnite Wind Turbine Locations

–Survive on top of windmills at windbreaks for (30) seconds

Fortnite challenges are launched in-game on a weekly basis for players to earn more in-game XP with ease by completing a few simple tasks. Fortnite quests are always quite exciting and Epic Games has brought a lot of new stuff for its Battle Royale enthusiasts.

The seven possible wind turbines in fortnite surround Pleasant Park, so they're at least close to each other. Players should visit the observation deck near the wind turbine blades at the top.

Fortnite Windmill locations are around Pleasant Park and east of Snobby Shores, all on top of the mountains. They are visible from the air and from afar too.

All of the wind turbines are in the vicinity of Pleasant Park, so it would be pretty easy to spot them. The other challenges are:

  • Survive on top of windmills at windbreaks for (30) seconds
  • Find a Seven or IO chest (1)
  • Reach a speed of 65 in a vehicle at Chonker's Speedway or Behemoth Bridge (1)
  • Hide in a dumpster at Tilted Towers and the Daily Bugle (2)
  • Decorate Shell or High Water and Happy Campers with Flamingo ornaments (5)
  • Deal damage to opponents in Covert Cavern or Sanctuary (75)
  • Dance at the top of Klombo (1)

Fortnite challenges are launched in-game on a weekly basis for players to earn more XP. Each week will present more challenges to fortnite and players can complete them in any order they choose.

Challenges are always a good addition to the game for more XP. Although it is not necessary to complete them, players can get free XP and therefore other rewards. These challenges are usually easy to complete, but sometimes they prove to be a bit difficult for some players.

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