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PUBG Mobile 1.9 Update Release Date &Time For All Regions Officially Revealed

The long-awaited Anniversary Update or PUBG Mobile 1.9 Update is finally here for gamers to download from their respective app stores. For this new update, the developers have added the anniversary theme to the unique new content.

Summary PUBG Mobile 1.9 Update Release Date New Content Dynamic Anniversary Mode Arena Royale:Assault Cheer Park Upgrade

Game update 1.8 received an overwhelming response from fans as it had an exclusive Spider Man mode in the game which became very popular. However, the developers are making sure that the excitement for the next update remains even as it marks the 4th anniversary of the game. Here is the release date and time of the update.

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PUBG Mobile 1.9 update-release-date

In an official Instagram post, Tencent had stated that the update will be rolled out on March 18 but to the delight of gamers, the developers have mentioned on their official website that PUBG Mobile 1.9 update has been pushed to the servers. from March 16. and will be available on every player's device by today.

Players can download the update from Google Play Store for Android devices and App Store for iOS devices. We recommend a Wi-Fi connection so that the update can be downloaded without problems. Here is when the update will be available in different regions.

  1. Bangladesh: 6:00 a.m.
  2. Nepal: 5:45 a.m.
  3. England: 00:00
  4. Pakistan: 5am
  5. Russia: 5am-6am
  6. Indonesia: 6am-7am
  7. Japan: 10 a.m.

New content

Dynamic birthday mode

The theme for PUBG Mobile 1.9 update is Dynamic Anniversary Mode where players will be able to see a new spawn island or the Air Battleground. At this location, players will automatically wear a colorful headgear that will keep increasing in size when hit by the enemy.

Arena Royale:Assault

A new game mode in PUBG Mobile 1.9 update is Royal Arena:Assault. This mode will take players to a random area in Erangel or Livik. Royal Arena gameplay would be quite similar to TDM matches, however, players will receive a special supply.

Cheer Park Upgrade

Another major attraction of the new update is the upgraded version of Cheer Park. The social zone has been expanded to add a new race track, additional hoverboards as well as an expanded shooting area. Entering this new Cheer Park will also provide players with some exciting rewards.